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About Us
Arena for Visual  & Performing Arts
The concept behind SAKALAKALA logo
SAKALAKALA means all forms of art.  Playing the drums is a traditional Indian way of announcing celebrations.  The logo depicts joyous celebration of art with dancing and singing, which is the motto of SAKALAKALA.

SAKALAKALA is the brainchild of people who are passionate about arts. It is said every idea starts with a problem. "While our children were growing up, they showed interest in arts and had the talent. It took immense effort to find opportunities for their artistic pursuits. It was really hard to gather information to further their interest and keep the talent alive. This got us thinking about the need for a platform for visual and performing arts, providing comprehensive information and services".



Sudha Sridhar is a founder director of SAKALAKALA, who has a background in Finance and Marketing Communications. She has had diverse experience and has an entrepreneurial bent of mind. She has successfully managed her own ventures for over two decades. She is driven, enthusiastic and puts her shoulder to the wheel at work. Her passion for art has kindled her creativity and ArtyZen is her artistic expression through paintings. 



Latha Narasimhan, a director of SAKALAKALA, has worked in a bank for over a decade and has been advising on financial products. Her knowledge on these products has helped many people close to her. Her personality and charisma helps build long lasting relationships, which along with her selfless and witty nature brings a spark and energy to SAKALAKALA. Her life and work experiences of nearly three decades are an asset to the company.



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